Dana was born in Montreal, Canada. She was there until she moved to Florida when she was 13. She considers herself to be a native Floridian as do many long-time residents. She has two brothers and a sister, all of whom are living in Florida.

Dana’s son and daughter both currently live and work in Orlando. Dana is a newlywed, having recently honeymooned in Greece.

Shortly after entering the workforce, Dana was drawn to bookkeeping, with her first such opportunity working for a law firm. She then focused on her newborn children and then eased back to work as an entrepreneur. The CPA who worked for Dana’s business invited Dana to join his staff, and she remained there for nine years preparing payroll and doing various bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

After focusing on Condo Accounting for eight years, Dana wanted to return to public accounting, and joined Gruber and Associates as a bookkeeper who also is involved in our payroll processing department.

Dana enjoys shopping, cooking and theater and having quality time with her children.

Fun fact: Shortly before emigrating to the USA, Dana and her family went to the hospital to visit Dana’s Grandfather. After the visit, Dana’s dad got the car, and since it was snowing, backed up the car to help everyone get in. He was not aware that he ran over Dana’s left foot. The good thing is that she was conveniently at the hospital, where the broken foot was quickly casted.