Fiorella comes to Gruber and Associates after completing her tenure as a Covid replacement teacher for her children, Vincenzo and Katerina. She was also busy studying at FAU and completing her pregnancy that produced her son Matteo.

Fiorella is a native of Queens, NY, and her family is from Peru. The family rotated between North and South America for much of her childhood! Of course, Fio is totally bilingual.

She is working towards her Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting and aspires to complete her Masters’ in Accounting as well as to sit for the CPA exam. Several members of Gruber and Associates have joined the firm as an administrator and moved up to the accounting staff. Fiorella’s cooperative helpful energy have and will serve the firm well.

Besides launching her professional career, Fiorella married George in September 2022.

Fun Fact: Fiorella owns 43 pairs of heels!