Jeanie was born in Hicksville, New York, just east of New York City. She is one if five siblings and one of two siblings employed at Gruber and Associates.

Jeanie moved to Hollywood Florida in her last year of high school. That year she was married, and had her son Andrew, who served our country as a marine. Andrew is now married and has welcomed two children of his own: Nicholas and Christopher.

Jeanie first met Rich Gruber when he was auditing the company where she worked. Many years later, Jeanie opened a hair and nail salon. She needed an accountant and remembered the senior auditor from all those years ago, so she called Richard Gruber, who has been her accountant and friend ever since. Not only did Jeanie manage the salon, but she also personally became a nail technician, a career she pursued for 16 years.

As Gruber and Associates grew, it became clear in 2009 that Jeanie would be the perfect face for the company, as her approach of treating every client like a member of her immediate family was exactly what the firm was looking for. After working from time to time with the firm, Jeanie took the plunge, broke the bad news to her long-time nail clients, and became Rich’s executive assistant on a full-time basis.

Jeanie wears many hats at Gruber and Associates also including tax appointment scheduler, client concierge, activity planner and ambassador of goodwill, striving constantly to ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with their experience with the firm. Her ability to make clients feel at home is unparalleled.

Her hobbies include shopping, shopping and more shopping, which comes in handy since one of her other roles at Gruber and Associates is shopper. When she is not working or shopping, she treasures time with her family, as all four generations from her mother to her grandchildren live in South Florida.

Fun fact: Jeanie has an entire room of her home devoted to her wardrobe and offers guided tours on request!