Jennifer is a Florida native. Her blended family has six siblings, with Jen being the second youngest. Two of her sisters live in New Jersey. Her family has Peruvian, Puerto Rican and Haitian backgrounds. As a result, Jennifer is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Jennifer comes to us from the medical field, where she was an office administrator. She dreamed of becoming a nurse, until she decided to reevaluate her goals later. She graduated from Coral Springs High and Palm Beach State College.

In her spare time Jennifer enjoys working out, hiking and enjoying the outdoors plus shopping on Amazon indoors. Her favorite activity is being with her beautiful daughter Delilah, especially getting to be together all day on the weekends.

Jennifer has tremendous energy and enthusiasm, and it positively impacts both our team and our clients. Now entering her fourth year with our firm, she is currently designing a new system for the firm to schedule and coordinate its workload, so we can give the best possible service.

Fun fact: Jennifer is hooked on Marvel movies/comics.