Whether you are a first time business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, we understand that the decision to start a new business can often be an overwhelming task. One vital choice that new business owners face is selecting a business entity for their new venture. The selection of your business entity is a choice that results in lasting financial and tax consequences. After gaining a complete understanding of your business goals and ownership structure, we will assist you in identifying an entity that will put you in a position to maximize your tax benefits and achieve your business objectives.

Working from practical knowledge and experience, we are available to help you create a plan to grow and maintain your business. Our success is synonymous with your success, and we will guide you to avoid common pitfalls made by business owners when starting new ventures. Our entity selection and formation services include:

  • Entity structure advice for your new business
  • Secretary of State filings
  • Application for the entity’s Federal Tax Identification Number with the IRS
  • Application for State Sales Tax Registration, if required
  • Advice on maintenance of corporate bank accounts and cost saving techniques
  • Determination of payroll tax reporting requirements
  • Application for State and Federal Electronic Payroll Tax Remittance services
  • Preparation of financial statements necessary for start-up financing