Few things in life are as stressful and time consuming as dealing with the IRS. Whether it is for an audit, notice of deficiency, or proposed changes, communicating with the IRS is a both a burden and a challenge. Dealing with the IRS can take significant time away from your business and your family, requiring you to obtain numerous records and develop ample understanding of complicated tax laws.

With the advancement of technology, there are an increasing number of IRS audits randomly selected by computer screening, and it is not uncommon that the IRS will simply send proposed changes to a taxpayer with an additional tax liability. With an increasing number of these “computerized audits” there are also an increasing number of errors, and unknowing taxpayers will often pay that computer-generated IRS invoice without determining whether or not the changes are actually correct.

When undergoing an IRS audit, most taxpayers are unaware of their rights and are easily taken advantage of by the IRS audit team. Without the representation of a skilled tax professional, many audits result in a hefty tax bill, with interest and penalties adding to the pain. Our team of experienced tax professionals will make sure that your audit runs smoothly and avoids interruption of your business or personal life. You will complete the process with either a coveted “no change” letter from the auditor, and/or peace of mind that every legal way to minimize tax has been considered.