“I enjoy working at Gruber and Associates because I feel that there is a great management team and wonderful coworkers”

Dana LoGiudici
Payroll Specialist/Bookkeeper

I am so proud of Gruber and Associates, because we have the vision to be the best accounting firm in South Florida for small businesses and individual taxpayers. We achieve that vision with an amazing family of clients and an amazing family of employees.

Richard Gruber
Managing Partner

I like working at Gruber and Associates because my team makes me feel welcomed and valuable. Working at Gruber and Associates has given me the opportunity to grow not only in my career, but it has helped me develop my personality. I feel more confident and independent to make decisions that will help me succeed. The firm has unique types of personalities making the atmosphere very pleasant to work in. When we have meetings or happy hours it feels like a family meeting!

Katherine Evaristo
Staff Accountant

“The culture is very friendly and welcoming.”

Alicia Osorio
Administrative Assistant

“Going to your accountant doesn’t rate up there with a beautiful day at the beach, but with Rich it comes close. He manages to always help me beyond what I anticipated while making the process fun at the same time.”

XYZ Company

“Gruber’s professionalism and thorough dissection of our taxes helped my wife and I retrieve a large amount of money from 2009 through 2012. They are a first class business that is very family friendly and I highly recommend them for personal or business taxes.”

XYZ Company

“Diane and I have known Rich and Barbara for almost thirty years and have been clients for well over 20 years. During all those years, Richard and the team have always gone out of their way to accommodate our schedule. We have benefitted from the firm’s knowledgeable staff, always receiving honest and straight answers and guidance to all our tax questions. We feel very safe and comfortable with Gruber and Associates, knowing that they always look out for our best interest.”

XYZ Company