Tax Extensions and Minimizing Penalties: What You Should Know

Nov 20, 2023
For many individuals and businesses, tax season is met with a blend of anticipation and trepidation. Ensuring compliance with tax regulations and meeting deadlines can be a daunting task, particularly when our everyday lives become unpredictably busy.  Understanding Tax Extensions Tax extensions can provide a much-needed respite for taxpayers facing unforeseen hurdles during tax season. […]
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Florida Tax Deadlines

Nov 06, 2023
The Florida Department of Revenue stipulates several tax deadlines that vary depending on the type of tax. For instance, corporate income tax returns are typically due either on or before the 1st day of the 4th month following the close of the tax year, which for most companies, falls on April 1st.  Similarly, sales and […]
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Where is My Federal Tax Return?

Oct 23, 2023
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered at some point, “Where is my federal tax return?” This is especially true if you’ve already filed your return and are waiting for your refund. There are a number of reasons why your tax return may be delayed. For example, the IRS may be waiting for additional […]
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Tax Refund Myths and Realities

Oct 09, 2023
Many taxpayers believe in common myths about tax refunds that can lead them to make mistakes or miss out on money. Here are some of the most common tax refund myths and the realities behind them: Myth 1: A large refund is a cause for celebration. Truth: A large refund often indicates that you have […]
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Tax Rates

Sep 18, 2023
The 2023 tax rates for the U.S. include varying brackets for single taxpayers, married taxpayers filing jointly or as surviving spouses, those filing separately, heads of households, and estates & trusts.  For single taxpayers, the tax brackets range from 10% for incomes up to $11,000 to 37% for incomes over $578,125. For married filing jointly, […]
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Tax Due Dates

Sep 04, 2023
Tax due dates refer to the specific deadlines set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) within which taxpayers should file their tax returns and settle any outstanding taxes. Failure to comply can result in penalties and interest charges, making it vital to understand these dates. JULY – DECEMBER 2023 July 2023 July 10: Employees who […]
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Tax Records

Aug 21, 2023
One of the cornerstones of responsible financial management, both for individuals and businesses, is proper maintenance and understanding of tax records. The labyrinthine world of tax documentation can often seem daunting, but when understood and managed effectively, it can contribute significantly to financial stability and planning. At Gruber and Associates, P.A., one of the esteemed […]
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Tax Appointment Checklist

Aug 07, 2023
When it comes to tax season, preparation is key, especially when you’re dealing with the labyrinthine tax codes of the United States. As a citizen, you need the right resources, guidance, and expert advice to navigate this complex process. Engaging services from Fort Lauderdale CPA firm, Gruber and Associates, P.A. ensures your tax affairs are […]
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IRS Publications

Jul 24, 2023
IRS publications are official documents released by the IRS to provide detailed information on various aspects of federal tax law. These publications cover a vast range of topics, from retirement savings to educational tax credits, acting as a comprehensive guide to the U.S. tax system. Navigating IRS Publications The following publications can be accessed directly […]
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